On Grid Solar System – Achieve Maximum Productivity With Minimum Investment

Let us first understand what the term on grid solar system is and how does it function.

What is On Grid Solar System?
It is a bi-directional flow of energy wherein the PV system generates DC power by converting the sunlight into AC power, thereby infusing the power to the grid and getting credits for the same.

Functioning of On Grid Solar System-

  • Solar PV panels convert light energy into electrical energy(DC)
  • DC energy is converted to AC energy by PCU(Power Conditioning Unit)
  • This AC energy is either utilized by our homes/offices/industries or fed back to the local DISCOM.
  • A Bi-directional Net Meter is replaced by our conventional meter, which gives readings about the energy imported or exported, the difference of that is either billed to us or we get credits for extra energy exported, as the case may be.

Benifits of Grid Solar System-

  • No need to store energy in batteries, thus, no recurring cost is involved.
  • They are cost effective, i.e. they are economical, ROI within 3-4 years.
  • Eventually they pay off the investment amount in them by offsetting the utility bills.
  • They help in reducing your carbon footprints by increasing the use of non-conventional energy (the sun) and minimizing the use of conventional sources of energy which cause harm to the nature.
  • The electricity cost and usage is abridged.
  • The possibility of selling the excess electricity to the electricity board and generating revenue out of it escalates.
  • Moreover it helps you make smart use of the renewable sources of energy and avoid depletion of non-renewable ones.

The power generation potential of solar panels fixed varies from place to place conditional to the necessities of the consumers. To get additional information you can also visit our solar grid system section.

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