What is Solar Photovoltaic System And How Do Solar Pv Cells Work ?

What is Solar PV?
Solar PV cells or solar cells convert solar energy into electrical energy. The PV cells are clubbed together in a system to be called as solar PV systems & they behave similar to any other power generation systems.

Solar PV systems make use of solar energy which is convenient & easy to store. The PV Systems consist of proper conduction of electrical energy, controls the flow of energy, facilitates electrical conversion, distribution & provides the necessary storage of the energy produced by the array.

Elements of a PV system
Diverse applications have diverse system requirements with different set of components which work in synchronization. Following are the elements of a PV system.
• Solar PV modules
• Solar Inverter with Anti-islanding mode feature.
• Battery Bank
• System and Battery Controller
• Assortment of balance of system (BOS) hardware, including wiring, over-current, surge protection and disconnect devices
• Power conversion unit (PCU)

What makes it different from the conventional system?
The basic operation of the system is similar to that of the conventional system only that the source of energy in the PV system is solar radiation. Other important elements of systems discussed above are used in synchronization for the appropriate power distribution, storage etc.

Following Diagram explains the PV system functioning:-

Image shows the important elements of the Solar PV system

As we can infer from the image, the systems are similar to those of the conventional systems with the difference of the PV panels. PV panels play the role of converting sun rays to DC electrical energy which are connected with dedicated system and thus result in the generation of electricity.

Batteries are often used in PV systems to store the additional energy & this power can be utilized during non-sunlight hours i.e. during the night time or during odd weathers etc.

Why Install Solar PV Systems?
Until recently solar system installation was perceived as a matter of luxury and not a necessity. With rising temperatures & a significant climate change it has become crucial for organizations & individuals to know the importance of using the renewable resources as the conventional ones are on the verge of extinction.

Not only do we need to think about the extinction of the conventional resources but also about the highly harmful emissions that go out as a by-product harming environment globally.

Following are few of the many important points that throw light on the significance of Solar PV systems.
Importance of Solar PV Systems
• Convenient – Solid state and self-contained process of energy conversion.
• Clean – No consumption and emission of matter.
• Robust – The system can withstand severe weather conditions.
• Sustainable – System fuel i.e. solar energy is abundantly available.
• Scalable – Can be installed with capacity of Watts to Mega Watts.
• High Savings – Solar PV system is a one-time investment; we can reap the benefits for next 25 years.
• Safe – It is one of the most secure energy conversion process.
• Popular – Solar PV technology is becoming popular & the governments are subsidies & tax credits.

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